Unique App on Brassica and Onion diseases

In 2014, Hazera launched an innovative Onion and Brassica App. These apps contain extensive information on diseases and disorders in Onion and Brassica. The app is a valuable tool for all onion and brassica growers.

Hazera launched both apps to assist its customers in achieving successful growing! The apps contain information and pictures on issues such as fungi, bacterial diseases, foliar, storage and viral diseases, nematodes, insects and non-parasitic disorders combined with practical recommendations.

Hazera believes it is important to offer excellent service to growers, so they can get the best out of their varieties. Despite high performing varieties and high quality seeds, pest and diseases remain a threat. With the App Hazera helps growers to stay alert, recognize irregularities early and take appropriate action if needed. Hazera continuously keeps the apps up-to-date. Once downloaded the app will be updated automatically. The app also works without an internet connection, which can be very useful in places where the internet connection is not that good!

In the past year, both apps haven proven to be successful! The apps were downloaded over more than 2500 times and have proven to be a great added value for the growers.

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The Onion and Brassica App are available in English, German, Dutch, Polish and Russian for both iPhone and Android. The onion App is also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish. The apps are free of charge! Download them now from the App store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

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Tomato Disease App
Currently we are also working on a new Tomato disease App. We will introduce this app probably later this year, and will keep you informed.

For more information about the apps, please contact Lando van Doorn,
e-mail: lando.van.doorn@hazera.com or call: +31 (0)162 690 900.